15 November 2010
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As all profit goes to the RNLI, we are indebted to our sponsors who have all demonstrated they are serious about safety

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Confirmed sponsors include:

Lloyd's Register Sponsorship Level TBC www.lr.org
ARC Bronze Sponsor www.arcsafety.co.uk
Greenwave Bronze Sponsor www.greenwave.org.uk
The Hellenic Engineers Society of Great Britain Bronze Sponsor www.hesgb.com
Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) Bronze Sponsor www.lrqa.com

We are also grateful to Trade Winds, IMarEST, RINA and SSA who have all helped with promotional activity.

Lloyd's Register Group Back to top
Sponsorship Level TBC

LIFE MATTERS.  Lives and livelihoods depend on quality systems you will probably never see, ships, roads and railtracks on which you may never travel and distant production plants about which you have never heard.

The Lloyd’s Register Group is an organisation that works to enhance safety and to approve assets and systems at sea, on land and in the air. We check that assets and systems work so that people and communities around the world can get on with everyday life. We are driven by a strong sense that what we are doing matters.

To make this happen, we set, uphold and apply high technical standards of design, manufacture, construction, maintenance, operation and performance across many industries to the benefit of many businesses.

The Lloyd’s Register Group stands apart:

independent, objective, experienced and uncompromising in finding safe and reliable solutions.

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Bronze Sponsor

Arco, the UK’s leading safety company, has extended its portfolio of products with the acquisition of one of the country’s most experienced safety services organisations, ARC Associates UK Ltd (ARC Associates).

Based at the Logistics Institute at Hull University Business School, ARC Associates was formed by four highly qualified and experienced health and safety professionals to provide health, safety and environmental training and consultancy to businesses large and small across the UK.

With a range of world class safety products, Arco is already widely recognised as a provider of expert advice, services and safety solutions for businesses in every market sector. The additional offering of ARC Associates’ portfolio of training and consultancy services, strengthens Arco’s position as the true expert in safety.

Through ARC Associates, Arco is able to offer customers a suite of highly regarded training products including IOSH and NEBOSH accredited courses. Arco customers now have access to health and safety support services incorporating risk assessment and consultancy and to software solutions that will enable them to provide first class health and safety management within their own businesses.

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Bronze Sponsor

Shipping's environmental charity.

Shipping is a global aspect of transport; it uses carbon-based fuel on a massive scale because of the fleet size and the long journeys covered. There is an urgent environmental need to reduce harmful emissions, which in total goes over 1 billion tones of CO2 per year, and  an urgent legislative need to meet new environmental compliance requirements. The need to undertake this work has been inspired by the distinct lack of readily available, viable alternatives, in a world where a real demand exists. Greenwave, shipping’s environmental charity aims to address this by researching and delivering solutions.

Greenwave aims to change the industry’s attitude from a single bottom line to focus to a triple bottom line that delivers financial benefit plus environmental benefit, plus safe and simple implementation by existing crews.Its self-adopted remit is to remind the shipping industry of its environmental obligations and to create meaningful, practical and sustainable ways to meet them. This is being achieved through funding R&D (Research & Development) programmes that aim to develop technologies that reduce CO2 and other pollutant emissions generated from shipping. In parallel Greenwave is developing policies that encourage early adoption of these (and other) emission reduction technologies. The charity’s work is funded by donations from the shipping industry and the R&D programme is supported by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects.

Greenwave’s emission reducing technologies:

WASP (Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion): Greenwave has developed technologies such as a wind engines system that can be fitted on existing vessels and reduce 13% of a vessel’s annual CO2 emissions by reducing the fuel consumption. Renewable power such as wind power, delivers a significant amount of thrust to propel and the ship enables power from the main engines to be reduced, saving fuel and thus CO2 while still maintaining speed. A full scale prototype was built and tested in 2009 on shore, at a purpose built facility, at the Port of Blyth in Northumberland.

DRACS (Drag Reducing Aerodynamic Components for Shipping): Greenwave has also developed a modular drag reduction kit capable of reducing CO2 by over 150 tonnes per ship per year by saving 50 tonnes of fuel as a result of improved above-deck aerodynamics.

PASS (Performance Analysis Software System): development of a software that pre-calculates the most effective emission reducing route for a ship carrying WASP and/or DRACS. The software will also confirm the emissions saved after each journey.

HYDRIS (Hydronamic Drag Reduction in Sail Assisted Shipping): an investigation into drag reduction below the waterline. Principles are being developed at Southampton Solent University. One are of study explores the feasibility of injecting air bubbles under significant parts of the hull to reduce drag. Another aim of this project is to asses whether any modifications might be required to stabilise the ship under wind engine propulsion.

Each of Greenwave’s solutions follows certain criteria such as:

  • Must be capable of being fitted to existing ships.
  • The cost of installing them must pay for themselves, in fuel savings, within three years and without any additional crew requirements.
  • Must be researched, developed, tested and ready to fit within three years.

At present, the wind engine is one step before its last stage, which is a sea trial on a ship. Greenwave’s R&D team and the directors are very optimistic about the final stage and think that this can be the beginning of a new greener shipping industry.

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Bronze Sponsor

The Hellenic Engineers Society of Great Britain supports and promotes professional and social contact amongst our members and in particular newly appointed engineering professionals within the shipping industry.

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Bronze Sponsor

In an ever changing world, it is vital that businesses stay competitive. Change is rapid and even the most dynamic organisations can find it hard to stay ahead. What gives your business the confidence to deliver what it promises to clients and stakeholders?

At LRQA, we are aware of the challenges you face and we have developed a new approach to assessing management systems that are crucial to meeting objectives, improving competitiveness, controlling risks and helping you deliver on your promises. We call it Business Assurance.

LRQA’s Business Assurance helps you manage your systems and risks to improve and protect the current and future performance of your organisation. Further, our risk based approach allows us to tailor the assessment according to the maturity of the clients systems. Find out more about LRQA's Business Assurance approach.

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